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Tired or writing tickets and taking phone calls all day? Looking for a quality PPH Service?

Moving your business offshore and joining Bettor Times will give you less legal exposure, more free time, and allow you to fully manage your bookmaking business. When you join Bettor Times, you get the best agent and client software to go with a top quality service both online and by phone.

Our popular software, used by all the top offshore sportsbooks, allows you to personalize your players' profiles, limits and gives you the option to move your own lines. You will be provided with our easy to use agent software, where you will have full access to all reports and you can see your players' bets come in as they are being placed. Our software is Safe, Secure, and most importantly, User Friendly for both the customer and the agent.

Our price per head service offers you the largest variety of wagering options to go with our hands on personnel. We will walk you through the sign up process and make sure that you have everything that you need to maximize your earnings.

Whether your players play online or over the phone, they will always receive the attention that they deserve. At Bettor Times you will deal directly with our management team and will never have a problem with our professional staff. We are proud of our excellent English speaking staff and the knowledge that our experienced representatives have to answer all or your questions.

If you want your own website, our staff can provide you with a creative site to keep your clients entertained and your business confidential.

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  • Quick and Efficient Staff (Set up within an hour of signing up)
  • Private and Personalized Software (You have private access to manage your clients' accounts)
  • 100% Safe, Secure, and Professional (Over 5 years experience in the PPH business)
  • Quality Service/Competitive Prices (Nobody can match our price with our quality of service)

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